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Harness the power of our

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revolutionize your

scheduling process with an

AI Appointment Setter.

Our nurturing campaigns

are designed to keep prospects engaged and interested until they are ready to make a purchase.

(CUSTOM to your offer)

AI - Assistant
Client Acquisition
Reputation Growth

An essential tool allowing businesses to take control of their online reputation and ensure they maintain a positive brand image in the eyes of their customers.

Automations = REVENUE

  • Homeowners that are looking for targeted services give you a call.

This is the first step in the sales process.

Homeowners who are interested in your roofing services will reach out to you, either by phone or through your website.

Once you have their contact information, you can start the qualification process.

  • The customer sits down with your company.

Once you have qualified the homeowner, you will schedule a meeting to discuss their needs in more detail. This is your opportunity to learn about their specific roofing problems and to present your solutions.

  • Your sales team closes the deal.

  • Our automated system nurtures any prospect that doesn't close into a deal with sms/email sequences.

If the homeowner is interested in your services, your sales team will close the deal. This involves negotiating the price, signing the contract, and scheduling the installation.

Not every homeowner who contacts you will be ready to buy right away. For those homeowners, you can use an automated system to send them SMS or email messages that keep them engaged and remind them about your services.

  • Once the appointment is set, your roofing company will show up and close the appointment.

Once the homeowner is ready to move forward, your roofing company will show up and complete the installation. This is your chance to deliver on your promises and exceed the homeowner's expectations.

Inbound Scaling
How it Works

It starts with a cash injection

Database Reactivation - the beginning of the cycle

Harnessing the power of referral and review sequences, we inject a steady stream of deals into your business, leveraging the positive experiences of existing customers to generate new leads and conversions.

The wealth. is in your Google Business Profile.

first, we optimize capturing local traffic
next, your team closes the deal.
any prospect that doesn't automatically schedule is sent to our nurture sequences
Lastly, the cycle repeats...

We take closed deals to the next level by integrating them into our review and referral sequences, magnifying the impact of customer satisfaction as powerful testimonials and recommendations that fuel continuous growth for your business.

By leveraging advanced local business optimization techniques, we ensure that your business appears prominently as the top choice when customers search for "near me" on Google, maximizing your chances of being chosen and driving more traffic to your doorstep.

When in need of a quick solution, people often turn to their phones and search for "near me" on Google. In the blink of an eye, they choose the first business that appears, trusting it to fulfill their needs with convenience and reliability.

Once the traffic flows into your business profile through our optimization efforts, your skilled sales team takes the reins to close the deal.

Your dedicated sales team steps in, armed with their persuasive abilities and in-depth product knowledge, to engage with potential customers, address their concerns, and guide them towards a confident purchase decision.

Our nurturing campaign includes a series of automated SMS texts & emails that are personalized and relevant to the prospect's interests and needs. We use data-driven insights to tailor our messaging and content to each prospect, increasing the chances of converting them into paying customers.

Database Reactivation - back to the cash injection

Our Clients Close Deals..

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